Windows 8.1 - Re-imagine Teaching and Learning




Any educator who is eager to learn how using Windows 8.1 can make teaching with technology easy, intuitive and powerful.


Using Windows 8.1, you will explore tools and technologies that energize and engage teachers and students. You will learn how to get more out of the software you use every day and discover how the latest devices and software work together to unleash 21st Century Learning.


Teachers and students now have a seamless experience, whether using their Windows 8.1 computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This operating system enables everyone to work anywhere, anytime, anyway they like as the experience becomes personalized for the individual while making work more strategic and faster.
Participants will dive deep into Windows 8.1 while learning and experiencing all this operating system can do for them and find ways to make the working environment more streamlined. We will discover how to make Start come alive with Live Tiles, explore the desktop and charms and navigate the Store. Participants will see how many apps are aligned to Common Core and other State Standards. We will also learn how to set up email, the beauty of curated searching with Bing, OneDrive file organization and how to personalize the device to make it work for you.

Leave at the end of the day feeling comfortable and knowledgeable about how Windows 8.1 truly reimagines teaching and learning.

Sample Agenda* 

 for One-Day Workshop 

  • Finding Your Way Around
    • All about Start
    • Make the Desktop Yours
    • Letting Charms Work for You
    • The Store
  • Getting Things Done
    • Set p Email
    • Browse the Web
    • Your Files are Always with you - OneDrive
  • Personalize your PC


 *Agendas and time frames are customizable to meet the needs of each organization.