Guest Post: Transform learning and unleash each student’s potential

K-12 education is going through a period of rapid change that is creating both challenges and opportunities for taking K-12 education to the next level. There are several factors contributing to this exciting time of transformation. #1. The growth of digital learning One factor is that digital learning is growing very quickly and is literally reshaping what K-12 classrooms look like. According to Project Tomorrow’s Digital Trends Report, 1 in 3 teachers started describing their classrooms as blended learning environments in the past two years. #2. Transition from textbooks to digital content The transition from reliance on textbooks to digital content is another factor that’s radically changing the way we think about curriculum. Many districts are replacing textbooks with...Read More

NCCE Member Highlights: Bobby Myers

Our members are weaving the threads of education every day with people of all ages across the country. They are involved in improving lives and the overall well-being of our communities. With over 4000 members strong, NCCE would like to introduce you to a few peers. Every month we will take a snapshot of active NCCE members and find out what they are doing to make a difference in technology education. In it Together: NCCE Members Making a Difference Learn more about the leadership and members who contribute to Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE). NAME and TITLE: Bobby Myers, Director of Marketing & Communications for NCCE SCHOOL DISTRICT: N/A NCCE MEMBER SINCE: May, 2014 Share with us – what is one new initiative you are working on at NCCE? My current focus...Read More


ISTE 2017

NCCE is a professional learning organization for educators and hosts the largest education conference in the Northwest. Founded in 1971, NCCE has a solid foundation advocating for the effective use of technology in education.  With a focus on 21st Century skills, NCCE works to provide best practices to educators with the goal of enhancing student success. 

NCCE provides resources and innovative professional learning opportunities to educational communities throughout their career. Our professional learning specialists have a broad range of expertise and provide customizable, relevant training on topics important to educators.  NCCE works with K-20 educators and pre-service teachers to personalize learning experiences and strategically align technology initiatives with other state, district and school initiatives.

NCCE partners with educators, educational leaders, affiliates and corporations to enhance teaching and learning through our conference, professional development and resources.  An affiliate organization of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), NCCE has a membership base from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.