STEM Technology Training





This workshop is for Teachers, Teacher Trainers, or Technology Professional Development Leaders, who want to learn how to integrate technology into STEM education.



This training is a face-to-face, hands-on workshop that has been offered at the I-STEM Summer Institute. The training focuses on science and math with technology integration providing educators with hands-on experience in developing and designing problem-based curriculum.


Through active engagement as learners in completing cross curricular, problem-based activities; educators gain a variety of new technology skills as well as a better understanding of how technology can be an integral part of their classrooms as we develop learners for the 21st Century.


Outlines and Objectives:

• Model strong technology integration pedagogy

• Focus on problem-based curriculum

• Create a hands-on environment for teachers to learn.

• Share the lesson resources so others can take them back to their classrooms

Sample Agenda*

STEM Instruction

• STEM curriculum and the Common Core

• Cross-Curricular STEM Units

• Activities to grow an awareness of STEM careers

• Cross-curricular approach to STEM

• Using alternative assessment strategies for STEM Reflection



*Agendas and time frames are customizable to meet the needs of each organization.