Peer Coaching




This workshop is for Teachers, Teacher Trainers, or Technology Professional Development Leaders.


This training is designed through Peer-Ed training educators to develop the skills to become peer coaches in their buildings or in the district. Peer coaching uses a train-the-trainer model in which each facilitator assists Peer Coaches to develop the skills needed to collaborate with colleagues. This model emphasizes communication and collaboration skills, lesson design skills, and best practices in technology integration

Outlines and Objectives:

• Model strong technology integration pedagogy
• Focus on train the trainer model
• Create a hands-on environment for teachers to learn.
• Share the lesson resources so others can take them back to their classrooms.
Sample Agenda* 

Peer Coaching 

• Why use peer coaching and how it is    different than other types of coaching

• Best practices

• Skills needed

• Identifying natural skills and building on those

• Feedback and sharing

• One-on-one vs group setting



*Agendas and time frames are customizable to meet the needs of each organization.