OneDrive and Office Online




Any educator or administrator who would like to understand how the free Office Online Web Apps and OneDrive can benefit the classroom and school communities by opening up the world of anytime, anywhere editing, viewing, presenting, and sharing of Office documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.


The integration of Microsoft Office Online Web Apps promotes students ability to meet the Common Core standards in comprehension and collaboration. By having access to Office Online anytime, anywhere, students are able to organize and prepare for projects using OneNote, build on each others' ideas and provide peer reviews using Word, collect ideas through the Excel Survey tool, and present their learning using PowerPoint; all within a collaborative space in OneDrive. Teachers will learn to utilize the free tools available to manage files, work collaboratively, and create a seamless transition between school and home.


Teachers and students will develop the basic skills needed to use Office Online Web Apps and OneDrive and to understand the differences between web versions and full versions. This is a hands-on experience, and time will be devoted to explore each web app, as well as: co-authoring activities, creating online surveys, and embedding documents in web pages for public viewing. These easy to use tools can translate into instant collaboration activities for students and teachers. Whether working on a group paper, presentation, or research project, the free access to the most widely used office productivity tools in the world can benefit every educator and student.

Sample Agenda*

for Three-Hour Workshop


  • Getting Started
  • Introduction to OneDrive
    • Organization and Structure
    • Personal Productivity
    • Create, Open, Edit, Share
    • OneNote Resource Notebook
  • Office Online Deep Dive
    • Word Web App
    • PowerPoint Web App
    • Excel Web App
    • Excel Survey
    • Co-Authoring
  • Teaching Students to be Digital Citizens


Next Steps

 *Agendas and time frames are customizable to meet the needs of each organization.