Office 365 - In the Cloud File Storage, Collaboration and Communication




Educators who are interested in using the same suite of tools that the business world has come to expect for effective communication and collaboration with their students and other educators.


Office 365 provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, free e-mail, shared team sites, online document editing and storage, instant messaging, as well as video conferencing for students, faculty, and staff. In this training, educators will learn how Lync, provides a media for meeting virtually: for parent conferences, for team or student meetings, or to just touch base with struggling students. They will also learn time saving ways to make Outlook and Calendar work for them; as well as, strategies for staying organized, easily sharing files, and use SkyDrive's Office Web APPs.


Lync is the 24/7 solution to real collaboration and communication preparing students for the work place while brainstorming, sharing documents, polling for formative assessment, audio/video conferencing and more. Work with your students and other classes around the world. Educators will be comfortable with using this conferencing tool after this professional learning experience.

The ability to effectively communicate has never been more important than it is today. This has grown from just using email messages to real time communication. Along with effective communication comes the need to stay organized. Office 365 provides the perfect tools to manage these skills with Outlook, Yammer, People, and Calendar.

As a finale for this introductory training, educators will see how OneDrive Pro is the answer for document storage, collaboration tool for working together on projects, managing student portfolios, and housing content and curriculum making this a great solution using cloud versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Sample Agenda* 

 for One-Day Workshop

Overview of Office 365

  • Power of Lync
  • Creating Contact Groups
  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio/Video Calls
  • Desktop Application Sharing
  • Sharing Documents
  • Polling

Communication for Today's Students

  • Outlook
  • Yammer
  • People
  • Calendar

Collaboration for Today's Students

  • First Look at OneDrive Pro
  • Create Folders and Organization
  • Experience Office Web Apps 

*Agendas and time frames are customizable to meet the needs of each organization.