GlassLab Games out of beta!

If you have ever attended one of our 30 in 50 presentations, you know we are fans of the work at GlassLab Games. After multiple years of being an invitation only beta, GlassLab Games is open to everyone. GlassLab Games philosophy: Deep Learning Matters - Games are ideal environments for engaging students in complexity, giving them the power to figure things out at their pace, in their way, and through a medium that they enjoy. Fail Forward - Our games are an ideal way to learn from mistakes because they offer multiple opportunities to persist through challenge in an environment that is designed to reward multiple attempts and novel solutions. Immediate Feedback to Learners - With games, learning is continuous. When students are in the moment playing, there is no better time...Read More

2015 Conference OneNote

Conference Presenter Resources

In this NCCE 2015 conference OneNote, you can easily find conference resources that will help you prepare before the conference, stay engaged during the conference and follow up after the conference.


2015 Conference Program

The NCCE 2015 Conference Program is now available in PDF format. It's about a 7.4 MB download, or click on the image below to page through it while online.




NCCE is a professional learning organization for educators and hosts the largest education conference in the Northwest. Founded in 1971, NCCE has a solid foundation advocating for the effective use of technology in education.  With a focus on 21st Century skills, NCCE works to provide best practices to educators with the goal of enhancing student success. 

NCCE provides resources and innovative professional learning opportunities to educational communities throughout their career. Our professional learning specialists have a broad range of expertise and provide customizable, relevant training on topics important to educators.  NCCE works with K-20 educators and pre-service teachers to personalize learning experiences and strategically align technology initiatives with other state, district and school initiatives.

NCCE partners with educators, educational leaders, affiliates and corporations to enhance teaching and learning through our conference, professional development and resources.  An affiliate organization of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), NCCE has a membership base from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.